423.267.8161 - Bridge AVEDA Price List - Chattanooga, TN

womens haircut  65..00 up 
Women's blow out 55.00 up
helix haircut  100-125.00 up
mens haircut  35-45..00 
AVEDA color   100 up
AVEDA hilighting  125.00 up  (partial or full)
AVEDA clear or tinted gloss 75.00 up
Color correction ( price based on consultation) (you may text us a picture, just contact front desk for instructions)

Balayage or ombre, foilayage, babylights, specialty technique 160.00 up based on consultation

Unicorn color - based on consultation, this is usually a double process procedure, requiring 4-6 hours and multiple techniques are involved. 300 up

Extensions - tape in or hand-beaded - priced on how much hair needs to be purchased, how long you want the extensions, and how thick the hair is..  
Cost is calculated :  hair cost + hourly fee for application 
maintenance is calculated by time/skill as hair you purchase can last for two years. 

Brazilian Blowout Straightening or Smoothing service  300.00 up
Platinum card full double process service (Marilyn Monroe)  300.00 up
(retouch for Marilyn) (150.00 up)

special event styling, wedding, etc.  85.00 up after consultation
WAXING  (brow, lip, chin $20 each area)
full face wax 50.00
underarm wax  50.00
neckline wax 25.00
back wax  75.00 up
bikini wax 65.00 (Brazilian 100.00), females only

Beach wave permanent wave 175.00 up

Relaxation Treatments with massage therapist

Stress fix AVEDA body treatment  90.00 55 minutes
AVEDA chakra balancing body treatment  120.00 90 minutes

(this color and cut and phototography by Teresa Wesson, co-owner)