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Customized cut and balayage color by Teresa Wesson

We thought you might want to know about our 
slogan, "Never have another bad hair day."  Our guest, Sharon, thought of it.  She said that the first time she came to Bridge Salon, a "blonde, spunky, fun client," shared with her that she had been coming to Bridge Salon for years, AND after she did, she said that she had "never had another bad hair day." Sharon went on to say, "and she was right!"

 Thank you, Sharon, for sharing your story and helping us create a mission that represents our work and dedication to our craft, hairdressing.

The only source of knowledge is experience - Albert Einstein

ALICE. believes that perfect beauty is different for every woman and that achieving it need not be a daily struggle.
 Considering the individual's unique features and needs , Alice tailors the need for each client, creating a shape that stays in the hair, making it quick and easy to recreate every day. Alice has style that is hip and vibrant; she has an eye for color, and how to place it.  She loves the mission of helping guests look and fee better.  Alice has worked in high end salons in Knoxville and Georgia as well as Chattanooga.  Highly respected in the hairdressing field, she's dynamic and creative. Alice specializes in an additional technique, the helix haircut, executed with a curved shear that creates wave and/or curl patterns.

Sandra exudes warmth and energy.Working with Sandra as your stylist, you will feel as if you have known her forever, as she is delightful and giving.  Sandra's work as a stylist is visionary, and she has trained among the best in the industry,  using Sassoon-crafted cut and color techniques to create effortless sophisticated looks, which clients love.

Sassoon training involves working with hair in its natural state, treating it as organic material, applying precision technique with consideration to what will suit the individual, creating genuine  hair design based on ultimate suitability. Sandra offers Helix Haircutting, executed with a curved shear that creates wave and/or curl patterns.
You will often hear Sandra say, "That's a piece of artwork," referring to the beauty that leaves our salon every day.  When you treat your work as art, it's life-changing.

 Teresa joined our team in 2007, after moving to Chattanooga from Knoxville, where she owned several successful salons.  Teresa directs our education at Bridge Salon, and trains our assistants and new talent.  
   A master of color, she does a wonderful job of personalizing your hair color to suit your needs, personality and style.   Teresa's time in the beauty industry as a platform artist provides the attention to detail and creative drive that make her clients trust her expertise. Teresa loves art and poetry, and her art comes through in her work. You will leave renewed and in marvel of the piece of artwork that is your hair.Teresa offers Sahag method  cutting, a dry cutting technique out of John Sahag salons in New York City,(demonstration of this technique on our home page in video format),  as well as Matrix C.R.A.F.T. cutting. She has also trained extensively in razor cutting.  Her work is visionary.  Teresa assists in training all our new talent, and loves to take our apprentice stylists to the next level - "What an honor and a privilege to continue serving clients with beautiful hair design.  I have never thought of changing my career;  Every day I get to make guests feel better than when they arrived.  There's such joy and honor in that."  Teresa Wesson
 She continues to train stylists throughout the United States in hairdressing. She has worked on stage as a platform artist at trade shows for Matrix,Logics, and L'Oréal,  and credits her creativity in hairdressing through working directly with some of the most talented hairdressers in the World, Nick French, Vivienne MacKinder, Ammon Carver, Luis Alavarez , Patrick McIvor, and Chrystopher Benson, to name a few.   

Lisa Dunny is our Salon Coordinator.  We credit Lisa for keeping the ship running smoothly at Bridge Salon.  Lisa is responsible for making sure you enjoy your time as a guest at our salon.  Lisa handles everything from scheduling to making sure you have the right AVEDA products when you need them.  Multi-talented, creative, and witty, Lisa is knowledgeable in what we do at the salon every day, and helps us create the great, inviting atmosphere we cherish so much.  Feel free to reach out to Lisa to answer any questions you may have about our salon or services we offer.  She's the go-to expert on all things AVEDA.  A part of our team for over three years, we rely on her talent and expertise daily.
Lily O'Neil - A former hairstylist and salon owner, Lily is the newest addition to our Salon Coordinator Team.  Lily helps us as needed and attends to your needs when a guest at Bridge Salon.  Lily's expertise in running a salon is invaluable to us, and she loves the beauty industry, and has always loved Aveda Products.  She enjoys seeing people leave feeling better than when they came, and her genuine enthusiasm for the beauty industry enhances our team.

CHELSEAjoined our salon in 2016 and has quickly become a favorite at Bridge Salon.  Her Balayage and highlight work is gorgeous, and she enjoys creatively placing color inside the architecture of the haircut, to make the highlights dance throughout the hair.  Chelsea also does our men's cutting and styling.  She is terrific with clipper cuts or scissor work.  Chelsea is lovely, genuine, and authentic.  She has a warm and lovely personality, and is an integral part of our team.  Guests enjoy her work.                                     

50 Frazier Avenue, Ste. 250 (beside the Walnut Street Bridge) Chattanooga, TN37405